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​​If you are visiting Florida and you would like to go on a fishing charter, but don't want to take the chance of spending lots of money with the possibly of not catching any fish, then a Shark Fishing Charter is for you! We are fortunate to operate in an area where large concentrations of Blacktip and Blacknose Sharks are constantly feeding from April through November. How many sharks you catch and what size sharks you catch can vary from trip to trip, but the good news is you will always catch multiple sharks in the 2 - 4 foot range on every single charter. You may even be lucky enough to have one of our big baits get hit and if it does, it is not uncommon for you to catch a Bull, Tiger or Hammerhead Shark in the 5 - 9 Foot range. This amount of action also makes Shark Fishing the perfect fishing trip for kids. Kids can get bored easily if the fish aren't biting and thats never a problem on one of our shark trips. We can also cater the size of the sharks we catch for almost any age and skill level so that even young children can share in the fun with smaller sharks. 

Book a shark fishing charter today and go home with the trophy photo of a lifetime holding up your very own shark for the camera.  

Want to catch your very own Florida Blue Crabs?

Join us for one of the most unique charters you and your family will ever experience. Scoop up your very own Blue Crabs straight from the Gulf of Mexico directly to your plate! 

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Catch 2 of Florida's Most Dangerous Predators!


We offer combination trips for the extreme fisherman that would like to catch an alligator and a shark in the same vacation? Call for more info.

We offer both day and nighttime shark fishing charters. 


Shark Ventures specializes in shark fishing charters that are perfect for fisherman of all

ages and skill levels! 

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