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Shark  Fishing  Fun  for  Everyone!

All trips will require a deposit to hold your charter date. We accept all major credit cards. Deposits will be returned only due to inclement weather or a two week notice of cancellation.  Balance will be due at the end of the trip.
Although we are licensed and insured, all clients will be required to sign a liability release form before boarding the vessel. All minors will have to have a parent or guardian sign for them as well.

The Captain can at anytime cancel or delay a trip based on current or predicted weather conditions. Partial refunds will be available if a trip must be cut short due to inclement weather.

No Bananas will be permitted on board.



Is the price of the trip per person or per charter?
The rate you see on our website is per CHARTER, NOT per person. Your rate is for up to 5 fisherman. 

Will I get sea sick?

Most days in the gulf of Mexico are very calm. We normally go less than 5 Miles Offshore which is still only 15 feet of water. If you are super sensitive to motion sickness we suggest that you take some form of motion sickness treatment such as Dramamine before your trip. This is your personal charter and at anytime we can return to the dock or fish in calm shallow water if need be.

How hot does it get on the water?

Spring and Fall Trips are usually very nice weather on the water. Summer trips can get a bit hot in the middle of the day, but with the comfort of the shaded T-Top on our G3 Boat, you can always find comfort in the shade. Night Trips are also available. 

Do I need a fishing license?

You do not need a fishing license. We have a Commercial Charter License that covers up to 5 passengers.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed on board?
All containers should be plastic or cans - no glass please! 
Beer is permitted in cans(Limit of One 6 Pack). No hard liquor is permitted.
Absolutely no illegal drugs or substances of any kind will be tolerated.
Refreshments and equipment are provided for your charter. You can bring your own food and beverages if desired
(no bananas), but we do provide soft drinks and snacks. 

Can I bring my own Rod and Reel? 

Many fisherman have their favorite rod and reel that they'd prefer to fish with. You are more than welcome to fish with your own equipment. 

What size sharks do we catch? Is it safe? 

Most of the sharks we catch are Bonnethead, Bull and Black Tip Sharks in the 3 - 5 Foot Range. We occasionally catch larger Bull, Tiger and Hammerhead Sharks, but we safely handle all sharks based on their size and demeanor and you will never be in any danger. 

Do we get to keep the sharks we catch?

Yes and No. We are not allowed to keep protected shark species, but we are allowed to keep 2 sharks of legal retainable species per boat. I will clean and package them for you to take home if we catch a retainable species such as a Blacktip Shark. All other sharks will be safely released and certain sharks will be tagged and released as part of a research program. 

What should I bring? 

Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, soft-soled shoes, a jacket and a camera are all items that we would recommend for your comfort.​​