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Unlike some of the other Crab Charters offered around the country, we DO NOT collect and bait crab traps. Our charters are a little different. At Florida Crabbing we head out at sunset with only your group onboard for the night. Shortly after reaching the crabbing areas, we will kick on our powerful ultra bright and silent LED Lighting System with over 32,000 Lumens of light. As we slowly cruise around the flats looking for floating and crawling crabs, you will reach down and attempt to scoop up the crabs you see. 

4 Hour Charters - $400

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Blue Claw Crab in Crystal River
Crabbing at Night in Florida
Night Time Shark Fishing Charters
Tiger Shark Fishing Crystal River
Shark Charter for Blacktip Sharks


Sharks like most predators feed at night, so the action can really get hot on our nighttime shark fishing trips. We can also avoid the extreme daytime heat and thunderstorms which can sometimes affect our mid summer daytime trips.  A great option for those looking to venture out for an exciting night of fishing. 

6 Hour Charters Only - $600


We offer 1/2, 3/4 and full day shark charters. All equipment and licenses are included. 

Half Day (5 hours) $500       3/4 Day Charter (7 Hours) $700      Full Day Charter (9 Hours) $850

​​​​Crystal River, FL  United States